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tinapowersHi, my name is Tina Powers, the founder of the Southern Indiana Triathlon Team.  I was asked to give a little history of how this team got started, so here it is...

It was 2004 and I was living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho when I just finished my first Ironman.  A year later I married and moved to Indiana to be near my parents and start having babies! 
Even with a Master's degree in Recreation, I could not find a find a job.  So, I took my resume into the Dunigan YMCA to see about any open positions.  They did not, but the lady looking at my resume saw "Ironman Finisher" and quickly ushered me back to the director's office.  It was then I met John.  He was planning a triathlon event for the following season- the first ever in this area.  He asked me to help organize the race and design a training program to help local athletes become triathletes.  I was the woman for this job!

The summer of 2006, I had 40 people in my Y  Tri Training class.  It was a blast.  I learned I was really good at coaching!  Apparently I was really good at motivating people (I just thought I was a good yeller).  Anyway, this group became very close and they got very sad towards the end of the training course.  What were they to do now?  Would they keep up the swimming, biking and running on their own?  They came to me with this concern and I told them I had been thinking about that.  It was too bad Evansville didn't have a Masters swim team or a tri club or even a bike racing team.  So instead of complaining about it, I decided to start my own tri team.  These folks would be the first members. 

Then I got to work- I figured we'd offer group training 3 days a week in-season and I came up with officers and duties.  I also wanted to make it inexpensive (the sport of triathlon is already expensive!).  I had a brochure designed and Dennis offered to create a website.  I collected money and signed people up- we had 115 team members by the end of the first year!  We had our first meeting in February 2007 at the Roca Bar in Newburgh where over 20 people showed up.  We elected officers and I remained the Sec/Treas for the next year- we had coaches for each discipline.  We sent out a training calendar, articles and other good info via email.  We put brochures in local race packets to get our name out there.  It was a real success.

Today the team is better than ever; offering open water groups swims, triathlon specific clinics and workshops and most of all welcoming all levels and helping each one achieve their personal goals.  The support of this team is amazing.  Though the sport of triathlon is an individual competition, having a group of people behind you is the only way to tackle these races.  They are not only physically challenging events, they are emotional too.  I highly recommend joining this TEAM if you want to fully embrace this sport they call Triathlon.

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