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So you are interested in joining the Southern Indiana Triathlon Team?   Regardless of your ability - whether you are already a seasoned athlete, or interested in getting in shape for your first triathlon - our doors are open to you.  People from all walks of life join the team for their own reasons.  So whatever your reasons are; we all share one belief.  "The benefits of owning a membership with the Southern Indiana Triathlon Team are numerous."  Although the list is very lengthy, here are the top ten benefits we most frequently hear from our members!

  • A great group like of like minded tri state athletes!
  • Weekly in season swim, bike and run training.
  • Swim - Bike - Run:  Everyone dreams of a threesome!
  • Multiple Club sponsored, member only "training" triathlons
  • Winter Clinics and Training to keep you motivated
  • Can't Swim - Join the club!  No literally JOIN THE CLUB
  • The most interactive Multi Sport website community in the region
  • Discounts around town on cool stuff that matters 
  • For many Triatholon is a special moment where impossible becomes possible, I can't becomes I can.
  • H2O - Open water swims, pool and coaching access, support, and help


  • All ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities welcome with open arms
  • A great social outlet to train and reach your goals
  • Experience the joy of CARB LOADING!
  • Membership is only $25 for one year.
  • You can cancel your team membership anytime.  
  • Team memberships do not automatically renew but we will send you a reminder message if you wish to re-join the team again next year!
  • $25 dollars your body and mind will thank you for
  • A chance to enjoy the sweet taste of a post race, guilt free Donut or three..


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