Tri Team 70.3 Race Day Instructions


5:15 Parking Area Opens (please do not arrive earlier since this is a quiet residential neighborhood)
5:30 - 6:15 Transition Open, Participant Check-In, Body Marking & Bib pick up.  
6:15 Transition Closes, Group Picture
6:20 Pre Race Meeting
6:30 Triathlon Race Start 
(Please note: due to the time constraints and the venue, we cannot allow a warm up swim)
6:45 Duathlon Race Start
2:30 Transition & Finish Line tear down (Race has a 8 hour time limit)
After the Thursday night Blue Lake open water swim, team president Steve Roelle has graciously invited everyone to his house for pizza right after the swim.  It starts at 6:30 this Thursday.  Plan to attend.  It is sure to be a great time!  His address is 1944 Lakes Edge Drive.  Newburgh, IN  47630  We hope to see you there!
Parking attendants will guide you to the parking area.  You will be parking along Anderson Road which has plenty of traffic.  Be mindful of morotists and use caution when opening car doors and unpacking gear.  When you arrive at transition, please keep your voices at an acceptable level.  Remember, most of the residents (normal people)  will still be sleeping.  DO NOT PULL OFF IN FRONT OF THE BOAT RAMP TO UNLOAD GEAR!!!  This area will be congested with pedestrians and needs to be kept clear of vehicles at all times.  
70.3 map


Located at the Blue Lake boat ramp in Newburgh, use the following address
1799 Anderson Road
Newburgh, IN  47630
Parking space is limited so please park as close as possible in the designated parking area.  You will be parking on the grass shoulder of Anderson Rd. and it is imperitave that you ensure your vehicle is parked completely off of the asphalt. Please refer to the following photo which give you an idea of the parking.  A parking attendant will direct you to your parking place.    
parking view

TRANSITION:  Our transition area is located in the front yard of the residence north of the boat ramp.  We will be utilizing the edge of his front yard as he has given us permission to do so.  As a matter of courtesy, please enter the transition area from the boat ramp side and do not walk directly across this gentlemans front yard from the parking area.  

TIMING & RECOGNITION:  Timing will be provided by the triathlon team.  There will be no awards for this event but overall results will be posted to the team website within 48 hours of the close of the event. 
Please do not litter.  Stow your trash while at transition and while on the course.  Anyone caught violating this policy is subject to disqualification.  
At 6:15am, we would like to get a quick team photo.  We highly encourage everyone to wear their newly acquired 70.3 event shirts for this photo.  Please plan accordingly!!
Swim cap of your choice and a race number belt if you plan to use one.  
All participants will be body marked and the bib must be worn by all bikers and runners.  No BIB, No timing results.  
Each participant will recieve a cool new Southern Indiana Triathlon Team 70.3 event shirt!  Pretty awesome for a free event!!!  Additionally, you may be getting some other "swag" at the event as well.  But we'll let that be a surprise.  
This is WAY COOL!!!  So while you are out there on the course fighting off dehydration and about to blow a lung, be sure to tell your friends and family that they can track your progress (or lack therof) from the comfort of their air conditioned home or possibly even poolside with their smart phones! 
Another feature available for 2017 is relay teams - and WOW was it a popular option!  We have 12 teams participating this year!  The more the merrier as they say.  So here's the deal.  If you are one of the fine members of one of these teams.  Here is what you need to know.  Your team mate needs to be ready for the bib handoff in the transition area.  ALL bib handoffs must take place in transition except for those that are splitting the run or bike portion with a teammate.
Duathletes will complete a 5k to lead off their event.  Additionally, the duathlon start will at 6:45.  
We have opened up an Aquabike option.  Complete the swim, the bike, and your race is over.  Simple as that!
OK, MOVING ALONG............Lets talk about the swim first....
The 1.2 swim course is a simple "out and back" in the fantastic waters of Blue Lake in Newburgh, IN.  Kayakers will be on site for your safety.  You will be pleased to know that there is very little elevation change on the swim portion of this event.  Water temps are perfect and NO WETSUITS allowed.  This is a "tread water" start.  Because of the narrowness of the lake, you will always swim closest to the bank that is on your right.  So when you reach the turn-around buoy, you will actually cross over to the other side of the lake.  This will prevent you from banging heads with anyone.   An item of note, if you swim too close to the bank you may encounter patches of seaweed.  It's completely harmless but it can catch you off guard.  The waters in Blue Lake are very clear and you can see down almost 8 feet.  You'll see if you are getting close to this stuff.  Please refer to the course map below for a better idea.  Additionally, as an extra incentive to crank out a great swim time this year, we have asked the neighbor to stand out on his back balcony with his 12 guage and take pot shots at any stragglers.  He promised he would only use rock salt but that could make for an uncomfortable bike....No worries though, we have a couple doctors and nurses on the team that can get you fixed right up!
The bike course traverses lightly traveled county roads throughout Warrick and Spencer Counties.  The 56 mile route is an "out and back" course with 3 aid stations, giving you the opportunity to rehydrate and refuel 5 times.  You will encounter an aid station approximately every 10 miles.  The bike course offers up a mix of terrain featuring sections of rolling hills, downright hilly sections, and plenty of "flat as a pancake" sections to recover.  Just as importantly, the bike course is very exposed so be prepared for the heat.  As a special note, both the bike and run courses are "open" courses so there will be traffic on these roads.  Please use good judgement when navigating these routes.  PLEASE STUDY THE COURSE MAPS!!!  The roads are marked for the bike and run segments and turn signs will be limited at best!  For the bike course map you can click the link below.  Additionally, Here are a couple photos showing the color and type of markings used for the 70.3 course.  Oh, and a couple more items of note.  You may encounter a few dogs on the course.  We have asked the homeowners not to feed them this week so they will be a bit more hungry and possibly give a better chase.  The roads are marked with "Dog" in blue as you approach.  Secondly, you will cross a metal grate bridge about a mile and a half out of Hatfield.  No worries, it's not a tire eater.  Just keep that front wheel pointed straight and you'll cruise right over it.   
 20140711 155127
20140711 162057
AID STATIONS:  Aid stations will be strategically placed approximately every 10 miles on the bike portion, and every mile on the run course.  The aid stations will be stocked as indicated below.  A special note, BE NICE AND THANK THE VOLUNTEERS while you are out there!  These guys bust their hump for you.  Show your appreciation.  Anyone caught not being nice to a volunteer will be shot on site!



The 13.1 mile run course is an "out and back" with aid stations placed every mile.  There is some light rolling terrain and a slight long grade to climb out of transition yet the majority of the run course is flat.  Like the bike course, the run route is fully exposed with little shade to be found.  We'll have plenty of fluids & ice on hand to help keep you cooled down.  Additionally, with aid stations every mile, they will be stocked as indicated above.  For a map you can click the link below. Note that the run course is marked up in blue.  Each mile marker is indicated in blue as well.  See the pic below.  


20140711 161839
You have 8 hours to complete the event.  

Typical triathlon / duathlon /aquabike rules will apply.  We will cover the highlights at our pre-race meeting.  The Southern Indiana Triathlon Team reserves the right to pull anybody from the race for safety and medical purposes if necessary.  Safety and well being is priority one.  

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